Pandit Jagat Ram

Government Polytechnic College

Rules and Disciplane

  • The attendance for the tests and tutorials conducted in the college is compulsory.

  • The student having poor attendance and showing consistently poor performance in the test and tutorials shall not be permitted to appear for the university examination.

  • It is imperative that the students strictly adhere to the day of opening and closing of each term during the academic year.

  • The student should not cause any damage to the college property. The damage caused shall be compensated by the student immediately.

  • The students should carry identity card with them regularly and it should be produced if demanded by the authority.

  • Smoking, chewing of tobacco and other such elements are strictly prohibited in the college premises.

  • The student found guilty by an act of misconduct or antisocial activities either in the college or outside shall be subjected to strict disciplinary action and may be expelled from the college.

  • The student should read the notices displayed on the notice board regularly and college will not be responsible for the loss of any advantage due to negligence of reading notices on the part of the student.

  • The college office should be informed in writing of any change in address of the students with immediate effect.

  • The above rules of discipline are always subject to change, modification, addition, omission or alteration and shall be modified, whenever the Principal deems it fit and proper. The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on the students.

Act Against Ragging

The college has the following provisions for action against ragging: Ragging within or outside of any educational institution is prohibited. Whosoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in debts, or propagates ragging within or outside any educational institution shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term up to 2 years and / or penalty, which may extend to ten thousand rupees. Any student convicted of an offence of ragging shall be dismissed from the educational institution and suchstudent shall not be admitted in any other educational institution for a period of fiveyears from the date of order of such dismissal.

Act of Indiscipline

    The students shall not indulge in such activities amounting to an act of indiscipline and misdemeanour such as:

  • Taking out processions and holding demonstration in the campus.

  • Gheraoing, intimidating and threatening the faculty/staff/students.

  • Interfering with the functioning of various committees

  • Disturbing the classes, assaulting teachers and students taking examination or in any other academic activity.

  • Defacing the building or any structure by writing slogans and pasting bills, damaging the institute property.

  • Keeping in possession any lethal weapon and bullet, unwanted/harmful instrument.

  • Possessing and/or consuming alcoholic liquor/drugs.

  • Rash driving, driving on the pedestrian path, tripple riding, and parallel driving in restricted areas/Institute campus.

  • Roaming and sitting in and around the campus in pairs and making obscene gestures in the campus.

  • Use of mobile phone in the academic building.


Any other acts of indiscipline decided by the competent authority not befitting to the presentation of the students. Involvement in any of the above acts of indiscipline will be liable to severe disciplinary action like termination of registration in semester/studentship, imposition of conduct probation/fine, expulsion from the Hostel or even from the Institute or any other action as deemed fit by the competent authority.