Industrial Training

Industrial Training

The objective of 6 Weeks/Summer Industrial Training in is to offer industry-specific and career-oriented advanced courses in the fields of Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web development and Embedded System, aimed at creating quality Manpower in the technology field. This will be a 100% practical training. Industrial Training is an essential component in the development of the practical and professional skills required for an Engineer and an aid to prospective employment. Many employers regard this period as a chance to vet new employees for future employment. Whilst difficult, it is desirable to obtain experience in a range of activities or practices followed in modern industry. It should also be noted that developing an awareness of general workplace behavior and interpersonal skills are important objectives of the Industrial Training experience.


Industrial Training Reports

Industrial Training Report - DAILY TRAINING DAIRY The main purpose of writing daily training diary is to cultivate the habit of documenting and to encourage the students to search for details. It develops the studentsí own thought process and reasoning abilities. The students should record in the daily training diary the day to day account of the observations, impressions and information gathered. It should contain the sketches & drawings related to the observations made by the students. 3 The daily training diary should be got signed after every two weeks from the supervisor/incharge of the section in which the student has been working (See Annexure-A). The diary should also be produced to the Coordinator (Training & Placement) visiting the industry from time to time and got ratified on the day of his visit. Daily training diary and Industrial Training Report should be submitted by the students alongwith attendance record and evaluation sheet (industrial marks awarded by industry) to the Department immediately after the completion of the training. The daily training dairy will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: Regularity in maintenance of the diary.? Adequacy? & quality of information recorded. Drawings, sketches and data recorded.? Thought process and recording techniques used.

Department Reports

When the training of the student in a particular department/section/shop of an industry is completed, he should write departmental report in the daily diary. Report should include description of the department/Section/Shop, the processes and procedures followed in it. Individual items of equipment, special attachment, indigenously adopted tools should be described. Personnel & any other human resource features should be highlighted. Drawings, sketches, specification of equipment, used, should be given wherever essential. The report should also contain entire studies & discussions carried out by the students in addition to what he/she has observed during his/her day to day work. The departmental report should be signed by the student and also by his officer-in-charge of that department/section/shop.

Some Industrial Training Institutes

All students choose our traning center to get 6week/month traning.dont force to visit there

1)  Tech Point, Hoshiarpur(Click to visit)

2)  Infowiz chandigrah (Click to visit)


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